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Supper & Songs: Next Event May 14th, Tickets Now Available

The Orchardist’s Janie Townsend recently wrote a compelling reflection on our first Supper & Songs show, specifically what it was like to play the roles of host, event organizer, and performer in the same evening, the low-level panic of watching water refuse to boil while anticipating a large swath of hungry guests, and the meticulous, often un-Instagrammable pursuit of community through meal and song. You can read that post here. Meanwhile, we have a video to share with you, a compilation of clips to give you a taste of what our first event was like.

It was a challenge and a gift to share that evening with friends old and new. The goal of Supper & Songs in the long run is to sustain a recurring space in Nashville not just for great music, but also for the practices of hospitality, eating together, and getting to know one another.

We’re so grateful to The Rabbit Room for sponsoring these events and setting the gold standard for what it means to build community around thoughtful, creative work. We’ll have a handful more of these events throughout 2018, each at a different home or venue, featuring a different guest artist, and serving a different meal. When you attend, you’re not just a member of our audience; you’re our honored guest!

Meanwhile, Liz Vice is excellent at her craft and was a joy to share the (figurative) stage with. You can listen to her music and check out her website here.


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