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Take My Advice. I Did.

This past year has been, what you might call on LinkedIn, a “season of transition,” which is French for “I’m figuring it out all over again.”

My label gig ended about a year ago and the road life, besides the occasional show or short tour with good friends, is not something worth putting my family through again. So now what?

I’ve spent quite a bit of time praying, hiking, and talking with trusted friends and it has confirmed what I have known all along. What I love to do is walk with artists and songwriters, helping them write great music, make wise business decisions, and lead a healthy artistic life.

I’ve been quietly doing this quite a bit for the past year and it’s been life-giving and exciting. But I can’t keep meeting people for coffee without some sort of financial structure to provide for my family, so I’m taking my own advice and believing that my time and work are valuable. That’s why I’m now offering Artist Consultations and Artist Development for hire.

Nothing gives me greater joy than the time I get to spend pouring into people in this way. I hope that my years of experience across the music industry can prove beneficial to people, and we can help folks make plans to finally be able to do the good things they’ve always wanted to do.

If you’re interested you can read more about this at

If I can be of service to you as you’re trying to navigate the next steps in your music career, feel free to reach out.


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