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The Molehill Podcast Halloween Edition: A Shade of Yellow (feat. Pete Peterson)

Wherein Pete Peterson reads his ghost story “A Shade of Yellow,” Zach & Maggie treat us to a special Halloween song, and we are visited by Drew’s evil twin.

“A Shade of Yellow” first made its appearance on the Rabbit Room blog back in 2012. In it, you’ll hear the narrator slowly re-assemble the pieces of a past tragedy, only to find that reality was much different than he had long supposed.

Click here to listen to “Halloween Edition: A Shade of Yellow.”

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Artwork by the inimitable Stephen Crotts Words of Befuddlement graphic by Mindy Cook Original Molehill Podcast theme music by Zach & Maggie

Other music featured in this episode: “Sitting Still” by Thad Kopec “By the Grave” by Anton Belov “Observance” by Adam Bokesch “Opaque” by Luke Atencio “Come Love, See My Hands” by Brooke Waggoner “Double Grave” by Zach & Maggie

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