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The Proprietor’s Favorite Films of 2007

This is my first-ever attempt at an end-of-year favorites list. Some of these were actually released prior to 2007, but this is the year I stumbled on them. One of the many blessings of marriage is that it teaches you how to love and understand (or at least try to understand) a person who is very different from yourself. Jamie and I have loads in common, but our brains could hardly have been wired more differently. For example:

–I’m a singer/songwriter who could talk about music for hours (and do).

–Jamie’s only ever bought one CD in her life, and it was the Titanic soundtrack.

–I’m a movie junkie.

–Jamie falls asleep with her head on my lap in every movie we watch, even when I rent something girly. If she does stay awake, she forgets everything about the movie within 36 hours.

–Not only am I a voracious reader of novels, I have (wonder of wonders) written a book.

–Jamie doesn’t like to read. Well, that’s not entirely fair. Before we had kids she read quite a bit. Nowadays, she reads books but they have pictures and are about the Poky Little Puppy or Olivia the pig.

Don’t get me wrong–she’s a really smart lady. But different things light her up, like good conversation over a mug of hot chocolate, or kick-boxing classes at the YMCA, or teaching kids to read. She handles the checking account, is so organized her friends have often suggested she go into business, and is the best teacher I could ever ask for my children. Folks are usually surprised to hear that she’s not terribly into music, especially in light of her former career as my background vocalist, but it’s true: she never really wanted to be a singer. She wanted to be a mom and a teacher, and by the grace of God that’s exactly what she is (not to mention a great cook, a great wife, and a great jogging partner).

I say all that to say this. Her sensitivity level is much higher than mine when it comes to language, violence, and intensity in movies. So in light of the demographic that surely exists in my listenership, to spare any of you from being exposed to something you might find objectionable, I offer (mainly for movies) the Jamie Rating System:

JWAOIW= Jamie Would Approve Of Its Wholesomeness JWEIBIMRHD = Jamie Would Endure It, But It Might Ruin Her Day JWREAC = Jamie Would Rather Eat A Cat

After some thought, these have been abbreviated to:

JWA = Jamie Would Approve (great for the whole family) JPW = Jamie Probably Wouldn’t (not for kids) MEOW = Jamie Would Rather Eat A Cat (for film aficionados only)

Here we go, in no particular order.

No Country for Old Men

3:10 to Yuma

Bridge to Terabithia

Reign Over Me

Honorable mention: I Am Legend, Amazing Grace, The Bourne Ultimatum, Michael Clayton

Coming up next, the list of favorite books read in 2007…



I just watched Once tonight, and loved it.  It’s set in Ireland, so the language might be a little much for some folks (though the f-word with an Irish accent doesn’t seem so much like a wordy dird, does it?), but the music was great and the story was sweet and sad all at the same time.  I almost wrote “sweet and sad at…once.” But if I had done that someone might have thrown up.

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