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The Rabbit Room Proudly Presents: Open Hours—Pyjämaslëëpövr

We want North Wind Manor to be a hospitable place for everyone. We had such a great response from Open Hours: Fika (Swedish coffee break) each Wednesday from 1:00 - 4:00 that we later added Quiet Hours: Stilla (Swedish for quiet and peaceful) each Friday morning from 9:00 - 12:00.

Fika, with its community, coziness, and intentional pause brings to the space a vibrant hum of conversation, laughter, and music, whereas Stilla quiet hours is to provide a calmer space for deeper focus.

These times have been so wonderful and each week offers a different group and energy based on those who choose to join in. That said, we’ve had a sad ache in our heart of hearts knowing that something is still missing.

So it is with great joy that the Rabbit Room proudly presents….

Open Hours: Pyjämaslëëpövr (Swedish for slumber party).

Although American culture has no exact cultural equivalent, the Nordic countries have a long and deep tradition of Pyjämaslëëpövr. It fills the mysterious liminal space between a junior high girls' slumber party and a networking cocktail party for local professionals.

Starting at midnight each Tuesday night and wrapping up with a collective primal scream as the sun rises in the east. We’ll be eating Köttbullar, round hand-formed meatballs made from pork, slathered in lingonberry jam, Pannkakor, pancakes slathered in lingonberry jam, and Surströmming, fermented herring slathered in lingonberry jam, while we dance the Dansa runt stolen, and play round after round of our favorites, Kalle Anka-leken and Spelet med äpplet, till we pass out from a mixture of exhaustion and glee.

And hey, if a pillow fight breaks in the midst of all that, that would be seen as a success as well!

So pull out your pajamas, don your Svenska mössan, grab your favorite stuffed animal and come on out ya’ll!

[Editor's note: now that April 1 has passed, I am at liberty to add the disclaimer that this was an April Fool's joke. While we celebrate whatever Scandinavian-inspired traditions you get up to between midnight and dawn... please don't do them at North Wind Manor.]

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