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The Resistance, Episode 6: Denison Witmer

Denison Witmer could no longer comply with demands.

Back in 2013, the singer-songwriter was tired of trying to make everything work. He was pushing the proverbial rock uphill in a number of ways—from being a family man for a wife and two young children to his role as a singer-songwriter to making money as a carpenter and craftsman.

There was a passion for each, but there was also the pull. The strain felt to keep up with each facet became too much, and in the end, Denison says he was a frustrated artist who was not doing anything particularly well in a life that was already too full. So he did what few of us often have the courage to do.

He pulled the plug.

It’s been six years since we’ve heard from Denison the Artist. In that time, he’s settled into normal life of work and play, friends and family. He’s nurtured the relationships that mattered most without ever knowing if his passion and talent for music would ever come back around again. Maybe he would shy away from such comparisons, but the sacrifice feels a bit Abrahamic.

These days, Denison Witmer has a new full-length album in the works and a beautiful new song, “Augustine.” His perspective has shifted after several seasons away from the craft. He’s learned a lot about himself, his family, and the staying power of his artistic community.


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