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Updates from the First Quarter of 2019

It’s hard to believe we’re already over a quarter of the way through the year 2019! We’d like to take this opportunity to heartily thank our members for their indispensable support and to share the high points of what we’ve been up to so far this year. If you’re interested in becoming a member, you can learn more at

Rabbit Room on the Road — We’ve been going on the road with the Great Homeschool Convention. Rabbit Room on the Road includes four breakout sessions on stories and imagination, concerts by Andrew Peterson and Slugs & Bugs, and full access to the exhibit hall and other convention activities. It’s been a great way for folks across the country to get a taste of the Rabbit Room and Hutchmoot, and we’ve enjoyed getting to interact with friends old and new. Registration is still available on the Great Homeschool Convention website. We just got back from Cincinnati, OH yesterday—we’ll be in Ontario, CA in June and finishing off with Rochester, NY and Jacksonville, FL in August.

Hutchmoot US & UK — Yes, we now have to specify which Hutchmoot we’re talking about! The first EVER Hutchmoot UK was announced this quarter, and will take place 18-20 July 2019 at St. Andrew’s Church in North Oxford. We’re thrilled to begin a new chapter of cultivating community across the world, especially in a place just a twenty-minute walk from the original Rabbit Room in the Eagle and Child pub and literally on the same block as Tolkien’s old house. We’re glad to have Steve Turner as keynote speaker. You can find more information on him and Hutchmoot UK here at the website.

This year, tickets for Hutchmoot US 2019 sold out in less than two minutes. We continue to be grateful and humbled by the enthusiasm surrounding this gathering, and your help makes it possible every year. This year’s keynote speaker will be Carolyn Arends. Be sure to keep an eye out for updates on the website. We hope to see you there!

North Wind ManorConstruction began this quarter for the long-awaited North Wind Manor. With your help, we’ve raised $394,000 toward the project, putting us just over 12% away from our goal of $450,000. The frame of our operations center is now up! After dreaming and planning for many years, the Rabbit Room is on its way to having a physical space to call its own.

Every Moment Holy — Last week, Rabbit Room members received these discount codes for sharing Every Moment Holy, and now we’re extending them to the entire community! These codes are for you and anyone you want to share them with.

Use the code GiftEMH at checkout for 25% off any order of 10+ copies.

In addition, share this link with as many friends as you’d like, and they can use the code ForaFriend to get 25% off of their own order of Every Moment Holy.

Thank you for helping us steward this work well!

The Shiloh Series— Helena Sorensen’s Shiloh series has been reprinted by Rabbit Room Press! To celebrate, we posted a delightful article by Jonny Jimison describing the series. You can find Helena’s trilogy in the Rabbit Room Store.

The Local Show — The Local Show Spring 2019 season is nearing its end and has been a blast. Livestream is available for anyone who wants to tune in, and we’ve begun compiling Spotify and Apple Music playlists for the songs and artists featured at each show. There are still two shows left in the Spring season! Dates, line-ups, and tickets are available at

Seasonal Playlists — Speaking of playlists, we’ve started a new tradition of compiling songs from folks connected to the Rabbit Room and releasing them to community. Thus far, we’ve done playlists covering Favorites from 2018, Advent, Valentine’s Day, Lent, and Easter. You can find all the compilations on Spotify and Apple Music.

The Rabbit Room Podcast Network — The podcast network continues to expand! The Second Muse, The Hutchmoot Podcast, and Rabbit Room Classic have been joined by The Artist’s Creed, Fixed in Post, and The Membership. Our newest addition, The Resistance, is coming soon. You can find them all on the podcast network page.

Friends of L’Abri — The Rabbit Room is supporting Friends of L’Abri as they develop their first ever conference in Nashville. The two-day conference will take place 26-27 July and will include small group discussions, meals together, an evening of music from local artists, and an environment to nurture conversation and questions.


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