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Fin’s Revolution Bonus Episode: Apocrypha

One of the realities of writing a book is that you almost never understand your first chapter until you’ve written your last one. And invariably your first chapter ends up being the one you work on the most and the one that changes the most. That was certainly the case with The Fiddler’s Gun.

In this bonus episode, I’ve pulled out one of the earlier versions of chapter one that contains considerably more background information about the setting and characters. While it has some content I regret having to cut, I’m also confident that cutting it was the right decision. The published version of the book gets the reader right into the story without having to stroll through quite so much exposition. Exposition can be fun, but it can also be a quick turn-off if the reader isn’t yet invested.

I’m glad to give this version a bit of new life here in the podcast, though, because I do think it contains some important information that isn’t found elsewhere, and I think there’s a bit of good writing in there as well.

I’ll be back next week with another bonus episode in which I go “behind the scenes” as it were and talk with Shigé Clark about the writing of chapters 1-12. And after that, look for Part 2, to follow closely on its heels.

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