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Reserve Housemoot tickets to plan a gathering in your own community during the weekend of Hutchmoot.

Welcome to Hutchmoot

OCTOBER 10-13 

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On October 10-13, the Rabbit Room will convene Hutchmoot 2024 at Christ Community Church in Franklin, Tennessee.

Hutchmoot is one of the many expressions of the Rabbit Room’s mission to cultivate and curate story, music, and art to nourish Christ-centered communities for the life of the world.

At Hutchmoot—now in its fifteenth year—over 400 attendees, speakers, and staff gather for three days of expertly curated sessions, concerts, artistic exchange, delicious food, and memorable conversations on art, faith, and the compelling beauty of the kingdom of God.



Katherine Paterson

Author of Bridge to Terabithia, Jacob Have I Loved, and more than 40 other books.

Hutchmoot 2024 is sold out, but tickets for Housemoot are still available.


"Moot" {müt}


To gather for the purposes of connection, encouragement, sharing of creative work, or edifying tomfoolery.


An assembly, a conclave, and a mustering of the folk of the Rabbit Room. Ents welcome.



Session information will be shared as it becomes available. To receive updates directly to your inbox, join the newsletter.

To satisfy your curiosity in the meantime, sessions from previous Hutchmoots are available for purchase in the Rabbit Room store.

The 2024 Hutchmoot Poster


Scenes from Hutchmoots of Yore


Hutchmoot (and Housemoot) sponsors share our vision for building community by drawing people together around art, music, story, and the gospel. When you or your organization supports Hutchmoot, you join the Rabbit Room in welcoming friends from near and far to experience this unique event. Community is made up, not only of individuals, but also of like-minded organizations, businesses, and institutions with the aim of ushering in the Kingdom. 

Housemoot sponsorships are still available. If you'd like to partner, please contact Sarah Katherine Woodhull, Director of Development at

Hutchmoot 2024 Sponsors



What is the best way to increase my chances of getting Hutchmoot tickets?


Tickets for Hutchmoot sell out in only a few minutes, so a little legwork in advance on your end can ensure you have the best chance of getting tickets. First, make sure your account with is updated and ready to go. Universe is the ticketing platform for Hutchmoot and Housemoot and you'll have to make an account in order to complete the purchase.

Secondly, make sure you are ready the minute tickets go on sale on March 15 at 10:00 a.m. (Central Time Zone) and on March 16 at 10:00 a.m. (Central Time Zone). Half the tickets are available during each of the blocks on 3/15 & 3/16, so if you miss your chance on the 15th, you'll have another chance the next morning. 

Lastly, save your credit card information in your browser so that it auto-fills any forms you need to complete before purchase. 

As a side note, if you do miss out on Hutchmoot tickets this year, you can always buy a ticket for Housemoot and put together a local gathering of your own.

Best of luck! 

When will you release the conference sessions and speakers?

We are working hard to confirm speakers and will be doing so until late summer.  Sessions will be posted as they are scheduled. The best way to stay up-to-date on this and all Rabbit Room happenings is to sign up for our weekly newsletter.

How can I propose a session for Hutchmoot or Housemoot?

Each year we receive more submissions for Hutchmoot and Housemoot sessions than is possible to program. While this makes our job of selecting and scheduling sessions hard, it should not discourage you from presenting a session proposal. You have a great idea and we want to hear about it. 

Use this Session Proposal Form to tell us about the session you'd like to bring to Hutchmoot or Housemoot.

Can I volunteer for Hutchmoot?


Yes! Our volunteers are extraordinary. Email if you’re interested.

Where can I find sessions from previous Hutchmoots?


You can listen to the Hutchmoot podcast for a sample of previous lectures or grab them all in the Rabbit Room Store.

Do you have any lodging recommendations in the area?

There are a wide variety of options for lodging in the Franklin area. Listed below are two options we believe will work well for attendees.


Comfort Inn & Suites

7120 S Springs Dr.

Franklin, TN 37067

11 minutes (4.7 mi) from Hutchmoot

Hampton Inn & Suites
7141 S Springs Dr.
Franklin, TN 37067
11 minutes (4.7 mi) from Hutchmoot

What is the refund policy for tickets to Hutchmoot?


While it is our sincerest hope and desire that those who initially purchase Hutchmoot tickets are able to attend the event in October, we do understand that unforeseen circumstances sometimes occur and ticket holders are unable to attend in spite of their best intentions. As in previous years, ticket transfers will be available through the Universe platform for those who personally know someone who can use their ticket. For those who do not, the Rabbit Room is requesting that ticket holders return the ticket via Universe so that it can be distributed to someone on the event waitlist. (Online ticket resale through platforms like Facebook groups will not be approved this year.) Accordingly, the following refund policy will be in place for Hutchmoot 2024 tickets:

  • Tickets returned 30 days or more before the event (by Sept 10th) will be issued a full refund of the ticket price (less fees) to the original purchaser of the ticket.

  • Beginning Sept 11th, ticket refunds can still be requested but are not guaranteed. Requests will be reviewed and approved/declined, either in part or in full, on a case-by-case basis.


If you become unable to use your ticket, please return it as soon as possible to provide others with the earliest possible opportunity to claim a ticket and make their travel plans.


Is there a waitlist for Hutchmoot?



Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, the Universe waitlist that we originally intended to use is not able to function in the ways that we needed. For this reason, the Rabbit Room is opting to create an internally-managed waitlist that will be used to provide notification when resale tickets become available. For those unable to purchase a ticket during the regular ticket sales period, feel free to fill out the 2024 Hutchmoot Waitlist Form to add your name to the list. All waitlisters will be notified by the Rabbit Room (via Mailchimp) when resale tickets become available; and available tickets can be purchased on a first come, first served basis.

Those who signed up for the waitlist via Universe will need to resubmit their information via the form link provided here in order to receive ticket notifications going forward. Unfortunately, Universe waitlist information was NOT able to be transferred.

PLEASE NOTE: Waitlist notifications will now be sent directly from the Rabbit Room, but Universe remains the exclusive purchasing platform for Hutchmoot tickets. Waitlist notifications will provide an access key and direct you to purchase through the Universe platform. Be aware that messages, links, or purchase offers from any other source are likely a scam. If you have any questions or concerns regarding ticket sales or the waitlist, please email

Are children allowed at Hutchmoot?


Hutchmoot is a conference designed for adults, yet also appropriate for thoughtful young people. Please note, due to seating limitations, each attendee, including the thoughtful young ones, will need a ticket for the event.

Unfortunately, we do not allow young children and infants to attend. We understand this policy is a disappointment for some families and we are grateful for your understanding. Please reach out to if you have questions.

What food options are available for those with special dietary needs?

Our team provides tasty options for those with vegetarian and gluten-free needs. We do our best to accommodate everyone's needs, but if you have complex food requirements, please consider making other arrangements. If you have specific questions or concerns, please email

What are the start and end times for Hutchmoot so I can plan my travel accordingly?

 Arrival: Hutchmoot check-in begins at 3:30 pm on Thursday, with doors opening for the welcome gathering starting at 5:00 pm. We encourage participants, whenever possible, to arrive at the venue within the first hour of registration so that they have time to get the lay of the land and get settled in without feeling rushed. We will also have our art gallery and bookstore open during this time, so there will be plenty to see and do once you've checked in.

Departure: Attendees are invited to attend worship with a local congregation of their choice on Sunday morning and then join us for the closing plenary session from 2:00 pm to approximately 4:30 pm on Sunday afternoon.

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