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Upcoming Lecture

Andrew Fellows

Living in the Creator's Gift Economy

In this lecture, Andrew will explore what the gift economy is, and how it contrasts with the market economy. Despite the fact that all of us live every day in "the Creator's gift economy," most of us live our lives with a market mentality. The difference has special relevance for the arts and artists.

Date: Thursday, December 7.

Time: 1:00 - 2:30 pm, Central Standard Time

Cost: Free

Venue: Digital-only via Zoom.

Click here to sign up and receive a Zoom link emailed to you before the lecture.

Andrew Fellows is a former L'Abri worker and was the chairman of L’Abri International. Now based in Cambridge, Andrew is the pastor of a newly formed church alongside his work of speaking and writing. He has a special interest in reaching skeptics and encouraging followers of Christ to develop the life of the mind so it includes the whole gospel to the whole world with all its implications. In 2022 he wrote, Smuggling Jesus Back Into the Church: How Not to be Worldly.

Previous Lectures

Andrew Peterson

At Home in the Borderlands

Artists often move among the borders--they’re “border-stalkers,” according to Makoto Fujimura. This often gives them a feeling of exile, and even loneliness, while they speak and write and create along the edges of things--but perhaps they’re not as alone as they think. Andrew explores the feeling of displacement many artists experience and offers encouragement for the journey in the borderlands.

Andy Patton

The Psalm Code: Genesis Imagery in the Psalms

Can you understand the Psalms without understanding the first two chapters of Genesis? Much of the imagery of the Psalms is built upon a handful of core images found in Genesis that appear again and again in the Psalter and throughout Scripture. We will look at where these metaphors come from, how they have shaped biblical poetry, and what they reveal about God himself.

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