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The Rabbit Room Membership

Join our core supporters who make the works and events coming out of the Rabbit Room possible

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What is Rabbit Room Membership?

Likely you have been stirred by the story, music, and art coming out of the Rabbit Room. You long for more of it and want others to participate in the goodness you have experienced. If that resonates with you, we invite you to join the Rabbit Room Membership. Your monthly ($25+) or annual ($300+) donation plays a large role in the creations and operations of our organization. As a thank you, you'll receive small perks throughout the year and regular updates to stay connected with the Rabbit Room’s mission and works.

What does my contribution go towards?

The answer for this is simple, everything! Your membership helps create, sustain, and improve the works and events of the Rabbit Room. This includes  press titles, podcasts, events like Hutchmoot and the Local Show, theatre productions, and more. Your membership impacts everyday organizational needs and important programs that change the way people experience the Gospel.

Read this article on membership to learn more about it's impact: Read here

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Do I receive anything for being a member?

Membership is about supporting the mission and purpose of our organization. That being said, we are grateful for you and want to acknowledge your generosity. Here are the ways we thank you for your support...

  • Early access to Rabbit Room content.

  • Monthly updates with behind-the-scenes features and exciting updates.

  • Special livestream access to the Wangerin Lecture Series at North Wind Manor

  • Access to occasional digital meetups with fellow members

  • Opportunities to beta-test new products and offer feedback.

  • Quarterly gifts like the mug, Hutchmoot Audio Archives, bookmarks, and more.

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Special Feature:

Because our Rabbit Room Members are at the heart of funding all our programs and resources, members receive $10 off any ticket option for our Housemoot Digitial Conference!

Explore Past Membership Gifts

Member Stories

Our members are the core reason many of the works and events of the Rabbit Room exist! Read some of their stories to see how they were inspired to make an impact.


Meet Eddy
Memphis, TN

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Meet Connie
Fort Wayne, IN

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Meet Trevin
Middle Tennessee

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