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Meet Eddy

"Before the Rabbit Room, my faith and my art were in two different silos. Now my faith informs my art and by sharing my art, my faith is also shared."

We have Andrew Peterson’s “Carried Along” record to thank for Eddy’s presence in our Rabbit Room community. After exploring the website and reading our articles, he knew he found his kindred spirits. From there, he plugged into the newsletter and snagged tickets to Hutchmoot 2011. Little did he know, his journey with the Rabbit Room had only just begun and his artistic life would change forever. 


One of the things that drew Eddy into the Rabbit Room, was a newfound discovery and appreciation for true and beautiful stories. He claims to not have been much of a reader until his encounter with the Rabbit Room Press’ Fiddler’s Gun, Fiddler’s Green, and the Wingfeather Saga books. Those series inspired him to dive into works like The Wilderking Trilogy and explore other Rabbity authors like Walter Wangerin and his classic tale, The Book of the Dun Cow. His discovery for new and old treasures has continued to persist. Eddy credits these books and many others found through the Rabbit Room as eye openers to his creativity and imagination.


In addition to the works coming out of our Publishing Press, the music connected with the Rabbit Room is making an impact on Eddy’s life and the life of his local community. Rabbit Room events and playlists are great ways to be introduced to amazing singer-songwriters and their pursuit for sharing true and beautiful music with others. Eddy and those in the Memphis area have enjoyed house concerts hosting The Arcadian Wild, Taylor Leonhardt, Skye Peterson, and other artists. These local events have provided opportunities to build new friendships and connect with some of our favorite musicians closer to home. Eddy says coming together with old and new friends to enjoy stories, songs, and camaraderie is “a bit of Heaven on Earth”

Fun Fact


If Eddy could put together his dream Hutchmoot lecture, he'd love to see a live The Habit podcast recording

"I’m not a writer but this podcast has given me an insight into the creative process and introduced me to some great works (The Door on Half Bald Hill for example)."

eHM2_7153 Mark Geil (1).jpg

All in all, regardless of new books or artists to discover, Eddy most values the “humble inclusivity” he has experienced over the years at the Rabbit Room. Eddy shared,”No matter how big of a name a given person may be, he or she is always approachable and welcoming.”  He found the Rabbit Room to be a place for inspiration and a safe space for creation and connection. A place that fosters an environment where people are “willing to share their knowledge and are genuinely excited to know your story and what makes your heart sing!”


Eddy’s positive experience has led him to invest more than just his time into the Rabbit Room. 


“Being a part of the Rabbit Room membership is one tangible way I can give back. It’s not an understatement to say that my interaction with the RR changed my artistic life. Before the Rabbit Room my faith and my art were in two different silos. Now my faith informs my art and by sharing my art my faith is also shared. I have also been deeply impacted by the art that I have consumed that others have made. From books, to poems, to paintings, to songs, my faith has enlarged and deepened because of the Rabbit Room. I want others to be able to experience this as well . . .therefore I give.”


Our hope is that Eddy’s experience is not singular, but that anyone who engages with the Rabbit Room knows their creativity and imagination is celebrated and challenged. If you’ve resonated with this feeling, we invite you to partner with us through Rabbit Room Membership. 

Please note: Member interviews were edited and condensed for clarity.

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