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What is Housemoot?

Housemoot is a web conference for those who want to create a moot experience of their own.

Housemoot is our companion web conference that launches on the weekend of Hutchmoot. Because of the limitations of an in-person conference, more people want to come to Hutchmoot each year than are able to get tickets. 


But Housemoot is more than just a web conference; it is a do-it-yourself "conference kit" that enables you to create a moot experience of your own. We will provide you with a wide selection of lectures, artistic interludes, recipes, and activities that you can use to connect with people in your own communities.


We would like to challenge you to use Housemoot as a “gathering point” for your community (no matter how small that community is). 


In short, you can make Housemoot whatever you want it to be. You can pick a single lecture to watch and discuss with your friends over a meal. You could make a day of it, watching several videos and letting the ideas wash over your community. Or you could use Housemoot as a way to build your own weekend conference, gathering friends and neighbors around the content in an even deeper way.


If you can't make it to Hutchmoot or just want to host a moot in your own community, register for Housemoot. [LINK]

The Rabbit Room


This summer, the Rabbit Room put together a temporary website called Housemoot. It was packed with everything people needed to put together a mini Rabbit Room conference of their own. 

For those who were able to participate this year - thanks! For those who missed it, we'll see you next year. 

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