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Members are the core supporters of all that the Rabbit Room accomplishes. Likely you have been stirred by the story, music, and art coming out of the Rabbit Room. You long for more of it and want others to participate in the goodness you have experienced.

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In order to curate works of art and host events that help fulfill our mission, the Rabbit Room relies on the generosity of donors and sponsors. Your one-time donation enables us to pursue specific projects and host unique events that nurture community.

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The Rabbit Room cultivates and curates story, music, and art to nourish Christ-centered communities for the life of the world.

The Rabbit Room is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. We are a religious organization that believes the Gospel of Jesus beautifully mingles with stories of all kinds. And we believe that when our lives overlap with Gospel-infused stories, we are better for it and the whole world is, too. So, we create and curate works of art that exemplify this conviction.


We invite you to participate in our mission through financial support. It is through generous giving that the Rabbit Room has the resources to cultivate works of art that might otherwise go undeveloped. We are able to host many events because of the generosity of our sponsors and donors. When you give, your support directly turns into works of art and events that further the mission of the Rabbit Room.


More About Membership

As a member of the Rabbit Room, you desire to come alongside our work to create art and nourish Christ-centered communities. You see yourself  in the work and whimsy of the Rabbit Room. And you long to see the goodness that comes through story, music, and art spread far afield, so that it benefits all those around you. We are so excited to partner with you and steward this work well! As a thank you, members receive small perks throughout the year to connect them to the mission and programs of Rabbit Room.

In addition to showing your support for the Rabbit Room, as a member you receive:

  • Early access to Rabbit Room content.

  • Monthly updates with backstage happenings and exciting news.

  • Attend Zoom meet-ups like live lectures and quarterly creative work shares.

  • Beta-test and participate in feedback opportunities to enhance various areas of programming. 

  • Gifts like the Member Mug and Hutchmoot Audio Archives.

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Special Feature:

Housemoot Discount Code for Members

Because our Rabbit Room Members are at the heart of funding all our programs and resources, members receive $10 off any ticket option for our Housemoot Digitial Conference!

Learn more about Housemoot

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