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In The Round: Andy Gullahorn, “Silent Movie”

“Silent Movie” is a song that I wrote with my friend, Jonathan Noel. He was working on a project of his own that was going to have that title and had written an instrumental piece for it. I guess it made sense to have an instrumental piece for the title track of a record called “Silent Movie.”

In our conversation, we talked a lot about the quote often (perhaps mistakenly) attributed to St. Francis: “Preach the Gospel, and if necessary, use words.” As I thought about that idea, I wanted to write about the people in my life who had guided me with their actions and presence more than their words. The next step was to convince Jonathan that a song called “Silent Movie” should have words.

I realize that it is weird to use words to suggest to someone that they shouldn’t use them, but it is really difficult to convey a silent message through a CD or iTunes.

Available on the following albums in the Rabbit Room Store:

In the Round

Room to Breathe


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