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Local Show Playlist: March 19th, 2019

We’ve compiled a Spotify playlist of the songs that were performed at March 19th’s Local Show, accompanied by Jared Malament’s description of what made the evening special. Click through for our third playlist of the season.

(Note: Audrey Assad unfortunately was sick that night an unable to join us, so you will not find any of her songs on this playlist. In addition, none of the songs Jordy Searcy played have been recorded yet, so this playlist does not include those either.)

“This week at the Local Show we unfortunately missed out on Audrey Assad due to sickness, but we were still treated to wonderful newcomers including Claire Holley, McKenzie Lockhart, and Becky Kinder. They were rounded out by Jordy Searcy, now a veteran of the show. As always, the stories they shared were just as important as their songs and we heard of everything from parenting and young marriages to youth ministry and aging. For my part, I would especially recommend keeping an ear out for McKenzie Lockhart, particularly her song ‘Where is the Hope?’ which I hope she releases soon. For the time being, we’ll have to settle for listening to the Facebook live stream.”

—Jared Malament

Set List

“Three Little Birds,” Claire Holley (Bob Marley cover) “Ball and Chain,” McKenzie Lockhart “Revolution,” Becky Kinder (unreleased) “25,” Jordy Searcy (unreleased)

“Heat of July,” Claire Holley “Sleeping Mad,” McKenzie Lockhart (unreleased) “Run,” Becky Kinder “Guys Like Me,” Jordy Searcy (unreleased)

“The Ball Game,” Andrew Osenga “Love Never Came,” Claire Holley “Where is the Hope,” McKenzie Lockhart (unreleased) “Alive,” Becky Kinder (unreleased) “Andy the Nihilist,” Jordy Searcy (unreleased)

“In the Bounty of the Lord,” Claire Holley (unreleased) “Walk Together,” McKenzie Lockhart (unreleased) “Only You,” Becky Kinder (unreleased) “Favorite Days,” Jordy Searcy (unreleased) “Pasadena,” McKenzie Lockhart (unreleased)

Note: We are currently looking into how we can make these playlists available on Apple Music as well. We appreciate your patience and are excited to make these songs as accessible as possible.


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