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Local Show Spotlight: The New Respects

We have a stellar lineup this Thursday evening at The Local Show: Andrew Osenga, Josh Wilson, Ginny Owens, and Zandy Fitzgerald of The New Respects.

If you haven’t yet listened to The New Respects, we’re here to remedy that. To put it simply, they play like they love each other. Their songs overflow with life and energy, well-crafted yet well-worn, like your favorite pair of shoes. And as you listen, you get the sense that they’re laying it all on the line with every lyric and melody. There’s no hiding here; only heartfelt, transparent truth-telling. What’s not to love?

There are still some tickets left for Thursday night—grab them here for a chance to hear Zandy Fitzgerald, lead singer of The New Respects, in the intimate and song-centric setting of The Well Coffeehouse.


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