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Song of the Day: Ben Shive

When I heard this song I knew Ben was more than just a great musician, but was also a great songwriter. It feels (like many of his songs) like it’s older than he is. The music fits the haunting sentiment and imagery of the song perfectly. I love that it’s a metaphor, and at the same time it’s not. It’s a parable that could have happened (and does happen) in real life. So tell me: what’s this song about?


The poor old man kept mostly to himself A book unread and dusty on the shelf Seeds in packets, never sown The Oldsmobile he barely drove

In the garden down on hands and knees He hurries, taking care that no one sees The money in the rusty tin He lays it in the earth again

Unless the seed is sown The flower hidden never opens

The bright young soldier came home from the war And built this house some sixty years ago To win the one his heart dreamed of But she could not return his love

He wept and swore he’d never lose again And so he laid his seasons end to end Alone behind these quiet walls And old man and a withered heart

Unless the seed is sown The flower hidden never opens

Be sure and pick up Ben’s acclaimed album here at the Rabbit Room.

If you want individual tracks, click here for iTunes.


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