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We Made You This Map

When I discovered the Rabbit Room, I was blown away that a group like this had existed in the world all this time without my knowledge.

Honestly, that hasn’t changed.

I act less astounded these days—since it would be weird for me to go around with my mouth hanging open—but I’m still blown away. Imagine me, out in the void, carrying forth my lonely but unsnuffable torch with the conviction that God is a storyteller, that art matters in a deep and abiding way, and that sub-creation is one of the most beautiful and compelling ways he reveals himself in the world. Imagine this defiant little soldier (in this metaphor, I am small so as to be dwarfed by the oppressive night—just roll with it) stomping tight-lipped through the darkness, only to round some invisible corner and find an encampment full of bonfires burning beneath the stars. Hands wave in welcome and beckon me to add my torch to the flames, and I’m frozen in disbelief at the edge of the sudden swell of light.

In many ways, I’m still standing there.

So, when someone discovers the Rabbit Room, or—like me now—has been following for years and finds themselves freshly impacted, it’s as if they’ve stumbled up beside me at the edge of the camp and we’re just staring at each other in wonder. When that happens, I often get questions. Folks want to know how best to throw in their support (if they’re looking to bunk down in the encampment and make it their own, I suggest membership), but often they want to know where to lay their torch for a while. They’ve caught the vision, they’re excited, and they’re asking for the best place to get involved. I know exactly how that feels.

May you know that you’re welcomed. May you be inspired. And if you’re looking for a place to set your torch, I hope you find it here. Shigé Clark

Others come with a specific passion. Our community is full of amazing people who know how difficult an artist’s calling is and want to ease that struggle—those who want to help unique works and creators thrive where they might otherwise wither for lack of support. I share that passion myself, and I’ve hated not having a place to send them where they could know their gift would go toward helping the artists they love. General donations are incredible, and necessary, but it’s encouraging to know the specific need your gift is meeting, or to be able to direct your funds toward a need God has specifically called you to meet.

I’ve been part of this encampment long enough now that when people come stumbling up, I want to hear them, answer their questions, and be able to direct them to where they can set their torch.

So here it is, call me the camp cartographer. We’ve set up a new group of designated funds that speak to the core focuses of our Rabbit Room mission. As I said, general donations are essential, but if God has called you to this work and you want to know a more specific way to offer support, we’ve drawn you a map.

The Artist Support Fund

For those who specifically want to care for and nurture writers, musicians, and artists of all types in their creative work, there is now the Artist Support Fund.

The Rabbit Room began with a group of musicians inspired by the Inklings to aid and encourage each other in Kingdom-oriented creation. Fifteen years later, the support and cultivation of artists is still at the core of our identity—especially those “square peg” creators doing good work without a place to land in conventional markets.

Whether offering relief to struggling artists, providing retreat or workspace opportunities, facilitating mentorship and education, or other types of care, donations to this fund provide a dedicated way for us to bless the people who’ve blessed us with their work.

The St. Anne’s Fund

Named for the house of refuge in C. S. Lewis’s That Hideous Strength, the St. Anne’s Fund supports pastors, teachers, mentors, and others in ministry for the nourishment of Christ-centered communities.

With this fund, we want to provide opportunities for rest and retreat, discipleship, community engagement, and other forms of care to those doing their own forms of Rabbit Room-aligned ministry. Gifts to this fund help us take care of the people who spend their time pouring into others for the sake of the Kingdom and the life of the world.

The North Wind Manor Fund

Now that North Wind Manor is practically complete (there are still some bolts to tighten and lands to scape), we want to make sure that the space we’ve built reflects the Rabbit Room’s dedication to beauty, hospitality, and stewardship of a God-given place.

This fund supports the regular needs of repairs, cleaning, utilities, and stocking essentials—but, more than that, it goes toward investing in the beauty of the space, the hosting of events with generosity, and the local sourcing of food and supplies in order to serve the community.


Through sponsorship we’re able to fund specific events and programs, like Hutchmoot, The Local Show, and the Rabbit Room Podcast Network. Hutchmoot: Homebound is possible because of the sponsors that come alongside us. The Local Show has been free this year (and last)—despite actually costing more to produce—due to the generosity of sponsors like The Cook Family Foundation and Ronald Blue Trust. If you have a specific program or event that you love and want to support, sponsorship is the way to go.

I hope this map provides some helpful direction for those stumbling into this encampment of God’s goodness. I believe he led us to this place for a reason, and I’m glad you’re here. May you know that you’re welcomed. May you be inspired. And if you’re looking for a place to set your torch, I hope you find it here.


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