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Black Friday in the Rabbit Room Store

We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, a great Thanksgiving nap, and a great pile of leftovers for dinner. If you’re the sort that starts your Christmas shopping on Friday morning, we’ve got a whole bunch of stuff we’re marking way down for one day only. Read on for the sale details. These prices end at midnight Friday night.

Black Friday in the Rabbit Room

Andrew Peterson – After All These Years CD or Download $5.00

Andrew Peterson – Light for the Lost Boy CD or Download $5.00

Andrew Peterson – Light for the Lost Boy Deluxe 2-CD set $10.00

Andrew Peterson – Resurrection Letters vol.2 CD or Download $5.00

Andrew Peterson – Counting Stars CD or Download $5.00

Andrew Peterson – Behold the Lamb of God 2-CD set or Download $8.99

Andrew Peterson – The Far Country Download – $5.00


Eric Peters – Scarce CD or Download $7.99

Eric Peters – Miracle of Forgetting CD or Download $7.99


Andrew Osenga – Leonard the Lonely Astronaut CD or Download $7.99

Andrew Osenga – Choosing Sides CD or Download $7.99

Andrew Osenga – Heart Download $4.00

Andrew Osenga – Soul Download $4.00

Andrew Osenga – Solar Wind $4.00


Andy Gullahorn – Law of Gravity CD or Download $7.99

Andy Gullahorn – Room to Breathe CD or Download $7.99


Jill Phillips – The Good Things CD or Download $7.99

Jill Phillips – The Writing on the Wall CD or Download $7.99

Jill Phillips –  Kingdom Come CD or Download $7.99

Jill Phillips – In This Hour CD or Download $7.99


Molehill vol.1  $7.00

Molehill vol.2 $8.00

Molehill bundle $12.99


Andrew Peterson – Wingfeather Deluxe Bundle $45.00

Andrew Peterson – Limited Edition Monster in the Hollows Hardback $9.00

Andrew Peterson - The Warden and the Wolf King $12.00


Jennifer Trafton – The Rise and Fall of Mt. Majestic (Signed Hardback) $7.00


A. S. Peterson – Fiddler’s Gun / Fiddler’s Green Bundle $12.00


Jonathan Rogers - The Bark of the Bog Owl $9.00

Jonathan Rogers – The Secret of the Swamp King $9.00

Jonathan Rogers – The Way of the Wilderking $9.00

Jonathan Rogers – The World According to Narnia $9.00


Subjects with Objects (Hardback) $14.00


Hutchmoot 2012 Poster $5.00

Hutchmoot 2013 Poster $5.00

Hutchmoot 2014 Poster $5.00

Subjects with Objects Signed and Numbered Art Prints $75.00

Rabbit Room Bookmarks $5.00




Happy Thanksgiving from the Rabbit Room

I’m writing from a porch swing at Shiloh, watching my brother Pete as he sifts through several boxes of his old keepsakes. Every now and then he calls his wife over to look at some ridiculous or awesome piece of his past. (Ridiculous = his unopened Star Wars action figures; awesome = an original reel of the Return of the Jedi trailer.) The turkey’s in the oven, the Macy’s Day parade is on, and the sheep are bleating in the pasture behind me. There’s some terrible stuff happening in the world right now–and some terrible stuff in your lives, I’m sure–but today is a day to direct our attention instead to all the good and beautiful things that undergird the broken parts, like an underpainting that refuses to be marred even as the artist touches and retouches the imperfections.

We wanted to share a few items for your perusal in case you check in before or after your post-feast nap.

Here’s a brand new live performance of “Don’t You Want to Thank Someone,” which we recorded at North Wind Manor. It features my pals Nate Dugger on keys, James Gregory on upright bass, and my son Asher on percussion.

Here’s a short, thoughtful piece by Zach Franzen about instilling a sense of gratitude in our children.

This is a Thanksgiving poem I wrote a few years back, which some folks have read aloud at their gatherings. It’s weird, but whatever.

And if you want something a thousand times more beautiful, here’s a benediction by Robert Farrar Capon (which you Hutchmooters will remember Pete reading before the final meal).

And finally, we present a fun song from our friends at the Tokens Show (a live radio show in the spirit of A Prairie Home Companion), called “Thank You, Thanksgiving!”

Sacred Groves: An Autumn Reflection

I arrive
just in time to see
one yellow leaf
at last let go, slowly
through morning sunshine
to quietly ripple the stillness
of the pond

On mornings like this, I can begin to understand why the ancients set aside sacred groves and sanctuaries of nature as places for communion with the gods. I think [...]

Thanksgiving and Desire, Ordinary Time and Advent, and C. S. Lewis Week

I have always thought it a happy coincidence that in my country Thanksgiving Day occurs the fourth Thursday in November. That same Thursday happens usually to be the last Thursday in Trinity Season, at the end of what the Church sometimes calls Ordinary Time. That makes it the last Thursday before the season of Advent, the first Sunday of which is the New Year’s Day. As such, the American Thanksgiving Day is an ideal occasion to reflect upon blessings given us in Ordinary Time before proceeding into Advent and the New Year.

This summing up of Ordinary Time in Thanksgiving, by another happy coincidence, falls somewhere between November 22 and 29—a week I sometimes call “C. S. Lewis Week.” The earliest day on which Thanksgiving Day may fall is November 22, the anniversary of Lewis’s death; the last day on which Thanksgiving may fall is November 28, the eve Lewis’s birthday. So just as the approach of Thanksgiving Day reminds me that a resetting of the Church calendar is just around the corner, it also reminds me that I may be overdue for some extended meditation on some essay or story by Lewis.

I give thanks for Lewis every time I read him, which is often. I give thanks for him because he has taught me much of what I know about how to give thanks, and to Whom I give thanks. Take, for example, this passage from Letters to Malcolm:

Gratitude exclaims, very properly, “How good of God to give me this.” Adoration says, “What must the quality of that Being whose far-off and momentary coruscations are like this!” One’s mind runs back up the sunbeam to the sun . . .

Tonight: Jill Phillips LIVE – In Your Living Room!

Jill Phillips is celebrating her album release tonight by hosting a live concert online via Concert Window. Don’t miss it. The show starts at 7:30 CST / 8:30 EST. Click here to go to Concert Window and watch the show.

2015 Rabbit Room Membership

For the past two years, we’ve offered Rabbit Room memberships to our readers, and a whole lot of you have put your membership benefits to good use. For some strange reason, though, we began by offering memberships in May, which meant that the 2014 benefits were good from May of 2014 until May of 2015 which, if you think about it, really makes it a half of a 2014 membership and half of a 2015 membership—or something. Weird.

So this year we’re setting things right. Memberships for 2015 are on sale now and they will be good for the entire duration of 2015. It just makes sense.

So what are the benefits of Rabbit Room membership? I’m glad you asked. Read on:

—A free copy of the Molehill, vol. 3, which should be shipping before Christmas
—A free download of the Hutchmoot 2014 audio archive (that’s over 18 hours of audio!)
—A free 2015 Certified Member mug only available via membership (ships as soon as they come off the potter’s wheel—which may or may not be before Christmas.)
—deep and abiding satisfaction
—15% off of all purchases in the Rabbit Room store (we’ll email your membership ID right away so that you can use it in the Rabbit Room store during the holiday season.)
—A nifty membership card that you can flash at certain Rabbit Room events (like the Local Show) to get free or discounted admission rates
—powers of tremendous insight

That’s a good bunch of stuff, but some of you are asking yourselves, “Wait a minute, I just bought my 2014 membership a few months ago, does that mean I’m getting short-changed?”

Happily, the answer is no. In order to get the membership schedule on track, we’re extending all 2014 memberships until the end of 2015. So technically, you’re getting long-changed. You can still purchase the Hutchmoot 2014 audio archive separately by clicking here. And your copy of the Molehill will be on its way soon.

So that’s the deal. From here on out, each November you’ll be able to renew your membership for the following year, and that means you’ll always have access to the Hutchmoot archive for current year.

If you were paying attention, you noticed that this was a double announcement. 2015 Membership? Yes. The long-awaited Hutchmoot 2014 audio archive is available? Yes, that too (click me and see).

Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales coming up? Yep, we’ve got some of that too. Stay tuned.

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