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Choose Your Own Adventure

Join the Rabbit Room Membership and 25% of your donation benefits the program of your choice

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Now through April 22nd, when you join the Rabbit Room Membership, 25% of your initial donation will go to the program of your choice. You can directly impact work you’re passionate about and join a group of kindred-spirit supporters who care about Gospel-centered story, music, and art, and its ability to change the world. We invite you to learn more about membership and start your adventure!

*25% of your initial donation benefits the selected program, all further donations will be applied to the area of greatest need as determined by the Rabbit Room.

Join Today and Direct Your Support Towards...

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Rabbit Room Theatre

From the creative team behind The Hiding Place, comes a new vision of a beloved tale. This Christmas, Rabbit Room Theatre and Matt Logan Productions present a fresh adaptation of Charles Dicken’s A Christmas Carol, written by A. S. Peterson. As we bring this story to life we're continuing our belief that beautiful, well-told, and truth-bearing tales are a fundamental means by which we understand ourselves, our world, and our God.

Choose this adventure to help make A Christmas Carol and other stories come to life on stage. 

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Podcast Network

The Rabbit Room Podcast Network is an alliance of podcasts that share a love for art, music, story, faith, and the myriad ways in which they intersect. This year we hope to “reboot” the network, breathing new life into existing podcasts and launching new podcasts. We have exciting plans and that's where you come in to make this work happen.​

Choose this adventure to help reboot Rabbit Room podcasts!

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North Wind Manor

North Wind Manor is the Rabbit Room’s local expression of abundant hospitality, which exists to nurture artists, nourish communities, and welcome neighbors around story, music, and art. The community and event center is used by Rabbit Room staff and guests are invited regularly for open hours, concerts, lectures, and more. Called to maintain the building and surrounding landscape, our desire is to generously invest in the land, local community, and people who share the space. The Rabbit Room invites you to join us in stewarding this important resource to our mission.

Choose this adventure to help North Wind Manor flourish. 

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More on Membership

The Rabbit Room Membership is about sustaining our organization and supporting new works and events. 


Membership is also about you. Your passion and care for these programs make them possible. With your generosity, we can steward our mission to nourish Christ-centered communities for the life of the world.

 To thank you for your support as a member, you'll receive....

  • Early access to Rabbit Room content.

  • Monthly updates with behind-the-scenes features  and exciting updates.

  • Special livestream access to the Wangerin Lecture Series at North Wind Manor

  • Access to occasional digital meetups with fellow members

  • Opportunities to beta-test new products and offer feedback.

  • Occasional gifts like the  mugs, Hutchmoot Audio Archives, bookmarks, and more.

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Get to know your fellow travelers

Our members are the core reason many of the works and events of the Rabbit Room exist! Read some of their stories to see how they were inspired to make an impact and join them to help make the Rabbit Room flourish. 

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