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2023 Rabbit Room Advent Playlist

Music has always been at the heart of the Rabbit Room, and as we enter the final weeks of Advent, we wanted to share this Advent playlist with you.

You will hear a few new artists and a few old, familiar voices. The collection ranges from the haunting strains of "Let All Mortal Flesh", to the blues prayer of Over the Rhine's "The Trumpet Child", to Ordinary Time's folk re-imagining of "Of the Father's Love Begotten", and a slew of other artists.

We hope this humble collection of songs helps fill your home with a bit more joy as we all prepare to remember the night God took on flesh to bring light to a darkened world. May it all rise and mingle into a prayer of hope and expectation this Christmas season.

[Special thanks to Phillip Johnston for helping to put this playlist together. For the rest of Phillip's playlist choices and a bevy of other thoughtful Advent resources, read his recent post on Three Things Newsletter.]


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