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A Liturgy for the Wrapping of Christmas Gifts

This liturgy is taken from Every Moment Holy Volume 3 from Rabbit Room Press. You can find more liturgies like these at


Wrapping of Christmas Gifts
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A Liturgy for the Wrapping of Christmas Gifts

by Wayne Garvey and Douglas McKelvey

O Great Giver of All Good Gifts,

I sit amongst rolls of wrapping paper,

tissue, bags, and bows—presents spread before

me, ready to be concealed in shrouds of joyful

mystery, and nestled for a time beneath the tree.

This brief veiling of gifts from

the wondering eyes of those

who will receive them

is an act intended to heighten

excitement, and to kindle hopes—hopes

that might find fulfillment when these

festive secrets are finally revealed.

There is always in us that

which delights in surprise.

And while these gifts might provide a passing

happiness, I pray they would also stir the

hearts of their recipients in some deeper way,

as small echoes of a greater grace.

For you first lavished upon us your

astonishing love in the person of Jesus.

You wrapped your gift, O God,

in the form of a baby. And then,

in that baby-become-man, you

unveiled glory upon glory:

Miracles. Marvelous words.

Deeds of compassion and mercy.

Strong promises. Death defeated.

Life eternal.

The revelation of yourself as a dear father,

longing to adopt us orphans as daughters and

sons! Indeed “We love, because God first

loved us!” In our giving of Christmas gifts

we but seek to imitate your generosity.

So let our stumbling attempts

to mirror the eternal charities of

your own lavish heart, be undertaken

in a spirit of glad celebration

and as an act of worship.

Christ, you are the gift of God who gave all,

gives all, is all. So let these my small presents

be offered in great love, and received as

humble expressions of a holy hospitality, and

reminders of a divine kindness.


Now may the lives of all your children be

ever more marked by a loving generosity

manifest in daily acts of practical service

to others, O Lord.

And may my own heart in particular

be kept less and less like a wrapped

and sealed mystery,

but be freely offered instead

as an open gift through which

the radiant love of Christ

is made ever more visible.



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