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Album Release: Jill Phillips’ Mortar & Stone

Jill Phillips’ brand-spanking new full-length album, Mortar & Stone, is now available. If you were at Hutchmoot 2014, you were there for the release concert (and maybe even picked up an advanced copy). If you pre-ordered the CD, it’s probably already on your doorstep. If you pre-ordered the download, you can log in to your account page and start downloading the full album right now. And if you haven’t heard the songs yet, get thee to the store and listen. Jill’s songs have always connected with listeners on a deep, personal level, and this collection is no different. They meet people where they are and join them along the road, both in darkness and in light. It’s a beautiful piece of work.

Stay tuned for a release day interview by Jonathan Rogers. Go grab yourself some great music while you wait.


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