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Fin’s Revolution Bonus Episode: Behind the Book (Part I)

Here at the end of Part I of The Fiddler’s Gun, I sat down with poet, writer, Rabbit Room staff member, and reader of fine books Shigé Clark to discuss some “behind the scenes”-type stuff. Shigé only recently read the book for the first time and came to the studio full of great questions. We’ve limited the discussion to the content of Part I, so don’t worry, no spoilers for Part II, but we do get to talk about a lot of fun stuff.

What it’s like to read the book for the first time in ten years? How historically accurate (or inaccurate) is the book? What was the research process like? What would I do differently today? It’s a fun discussion. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Look for Part II (chapters 13-25) of the book to go live in the coming weeks. In the meantime, subscribe on your favorite podcast app, and leave a review.


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