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Flesh – Track 6: “Whatever It Takes”

This one’s personal. I could explain it but you could also just read the lyrics or listen to the song.

Our desires are built for more than this world can offer. How do we live when we realize we may never get the things we want this side of Heaven? What if we actually get it and it doesn’t satisfy us?

“Whatever It Takes” from Andrew Osenga’s Flesh EP [audio:Whatever.mp3]

passion is a river that rages right beside the streets of gold symphonies of empathy sing out to me from angels I am told but everywhere I reach these days my hand gets slapped every voice says no passion is a river raging deep within that has no place to go no place to go

I’ve got two hearts that keep me beating one’s been torn apart, the other’s healing and I’ve fallen far but I’m not retreating whatever it takes, whatever it takes whatever it takes, whatever it takes

failure was a fear til it walked with me for miles down the road loneliness, my greatest threat, seeped slowly to the marrow of my bones disappointment, how I’ve grown to know it well the fire that fuels our ache expectation drowns the good in should-have-beens ’til bitterness remains or we choose to change

disappointment, how I’ve grown to know it well disappointment, I’ve survived and lived to tell…


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