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Hutchmoot Podcast: Giving As the Angels Give

As a companion piece to Kirstin Jeffrey Johnson’s beautiful essay this morning, here’s a wonderful session from Hutchmoot 2019, given by Kirstin and Jennifer Trafton on the compelling hospitality to be found in George MacDonald’s life and work—his home as well as his books. You can listen to Parts 1 and 2 on The Hutchmoot Podcast.

Romans 12 calls for us to “practice hospitality,” or (as another translation puts it) to “be inventive in hospitality.” George MacDonald—forefather of the Inklings, author of The Light Princess, The Princess & the Goblin, At Back of the North Wind, and more—was renowned amongst his peers for how he imaginatively approached this calling in his household, in his companionship, in his conversation, and even in his books. We will look at some of the ways in which, as an author, teacher, and community-builder, MacDonald intentionally manifested hospitality, and how his understanding of hospitality was shaped by both family and mentors—a compelling legacy of influence inspiring communities such as the Inklings and The Rabbit Room.

This session provides excellent context for Kirstin’s piece this morning, which connected the life and mission of George MacDonald and his family to the Rabbit Room’s vision for North Wind Manor, named after one of MacDonald’s most memorable characters. Click here to read it.

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