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In the Round: Arthur Alligood, “Right Where I Am”

I wrote “Right Where I Am” in a K-Mart parking lot. No lie. 2014 was a heck of a year for me and I was lost in an ocean of shame, heartache, and grief. My friends encouraged me to write about what I was going through and I tried, but it was a struggle. Still, before I knew it, there were a pile of songs laying around that I had no idea what to do with.

Eventually, I decided to go to my friend Will’s studio to record some basic demos for these songs. On the way to the studio, purely on a whim, I pulled into the K-Mart near his house and I got out my guitar. I was a little early, so I did have some time to kill. About 20 minutes later I had this new song, scribbled on some loose paper I found in the back seat. As soon as I got to the studio I recorded a take of the song—just me and my guitar. Will asked, “When did you write this?” “Oh, like 20 minutes ago in the K-Mart parking lot,” I said.

Listening to the song now I hear the deep desperation and brokenness of that summer. I’m so thankful to be down the road a bit, to have received a new measure of healing and strength. This song stands as a marker for me in the valley of sorrows. I trust you, Lord, right where I am.


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