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Introducing Jason Gregori

Sometimes you find great music, and sometimes it finds you. One day, I got an Instagram message from someone I’d never met, asking for some thoughts on her husband’s new independent worship album. A few messages exchanged, and she sent me a link to listen to it.

Reader, I’m a fan. Meet Jason Gregori.

Jason Gregori - All That I Was Made For album art

Jason Gregori brings over 20 years of experience to his independent debut album, and it shows, from the lovingly crafted arrangements to the contemplative, heartfelt songwriting. Like many of our favorite artists, Jason draws on Scripture for his thoughtful approach to worship music. But I was struck by how lovely the recording and arrangements are on this album. All That I Was Meant For rests in peaceful piano arrangements, inviting in guest voice Elizabeth Kelly for some of the songs. Whether reflecting on “Isaiah 40” or contemplating our resting place in the Kingdom coming, these songs serve as a gentle companion on the journey.

If you love artists like Fernando Ortega, Audrey Assad, and Amanda Lindsey Cook, you won’t want to miss getting to know this new voice. All That I Was Meant For is available on iTunes, or you can listen wherever you stream music. Learn more and listen to the first three songs on Jason’s website.


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