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Introducing The Habit Podcast with Jonathan Rogers: Episode 1

It’s no secret that Jonathan Rogers is a wellspring of writerly wisdom, a masterful storyteller, and a disarming conversationalist. He has all kinds of resources available at his website—and now, he’s teaming up with the Rabbit Room Podcast Network to launch The Habit Podcast.

Simply put, The Habit Podcast is a series of conversations with writers about writing. And seeing as writing has everything to do with the whole of life itself, these conversations end up in all kinds of uncharted territory. Guests include Doug McKelvey, Jennifer Trafton, Claire Gibson, Russ Ramsey, and a handful more.

This first episode features a conversation with Katy Bowser Hutson. They talk about her chapbook Now I Lay Me Down to Fight, the surprisingly motivating force of mortality, and how the “pre-verbal” component of trauma can be profoundly expressed through the verbal medium of poems.

Special thanks to our Rabbit Room members for making these podcasts possible! If you’re interested in becoming a member, visit


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