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Local Show Playlist: April 2nd, 2019

You can now listen to our playlist of the songs that were performed at April 2nd’s Local Show, both on Spotify and Apple Music! Click through for our fourth playlist of the season along with a recap of the night written by our beloved Local Show (un)official mascot, Jared Malament.

In this week’s edition of the Local Show, we got to welcome rookies Sarah Kroger and Jilian Linklater, then hear again from Josh Wilson and Jason Gray. It’s not too often that you watch someone tune their guitar while still playing, but that’s just what the amazing Josh Wilson did on his song “Borrow.” And just as important as the songs, we heard great stories too; Jason Gray shared a particularly poignant story about his experience with Simon and Garfunkel’s “Bridge Over Troubled Water.” The show is well worth a watch, if you have the opportunity.

—Jared Malament

Set List

Sarah Kroger: “Hallelujah Is Our Song” Josh Wilson: “Borrow” Jilian Linklater: “Queen of Overthinking” (unreleased) Jason Gray: “Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful”

Sarah Kroger: “I Choose You” Josh Wilson: “Tonight” (unreleased) Jilian Linklater: “Christine” (unreleased) Jason Gray: “Becoming”

Sarah Kroger: “When I See You” (coming soon) Josh Wilson: “Self Less” Jilian Linklater: “Wildflower” (unreleased) Jason Gray: “The Bridge” (unreleased)

Sarah Kroger: “Unbroken Family” (unreleased) Josh Wilson: “Jesus Is Alive” Jilian Linklater: “I’m Coming For You” (coming soon) Jason Gray: “Order Disorder Reorder” (unreleased)


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