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Local Show Playlist: April 30th, 2019

Songs from April 30th’s Local Show are now available for streaming on Spotify and Apple Music! Click through for our sixth playlist of the season along with a recap of the night written by Jared Malament, the Local Show’s Beloved Servant.

Last week’s edition of the Local Show was a great mix of artists old and new, featuring Brandon Heath, David Leonard (of All Sons & Daughters), Jess Ray, and The Arcadian Wild. Joining them were special guests Ben & Noelle Kilgore. They told stories of raising little girls, friends attempting suicide, and the Enneagram (because this is Nashville after all). And for the first time ever, each and every song performed that night is available on this week’s playlist!

—Jared Malament

Set List

Brandon Heath: “Your Love” David Leonard: “Signs of Life” Jess Ray: “Too Good” The Arcadian Wild: “Silence, A Stranger”

Brandon Heath: “Faith Hope Love Repeat” David Leonard: “Great Are You Lord” (All Sons & Daughters) Jess Ray: “Gallows” The Arcadian Wild: “Oh, Sleeper”

Ben & Noelle Kilgore: “Oh My Soul” Ben & Noelle Kilgore: “Grace Grace”

Brandon Heath: “Only One in the World” David Leonard: “Know Your Heart” Jess Ray: “Humble Heart” The Arcadian Wild: “Graduate”

Brandon Heath: “I’m Not Who I Was” David Leonard: “The Little That I Know” Jess Ray: “No Man” The Arcadian Wild: “A Benediction”


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