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Rabbit Room Road Trip Playlist

If I were to pursue a blue collar career, I think I’d enjoy truck driving. It’s probably more stressful work than it seems, but the idea of having hours out on the road alone with my thoughts and music sounds like a dream to my introverted mind. There’s something about the road that invites a sense of wonder about infinite things.

As Bilbo Baggins sings, “The road goes ever on and on / Down from the door where it began / Now far ahead the road has gone / And I must follow, if I can.” The road stretches forever into our past, reminding us of people who have traveled before us and places which we’ve called home. It also stretches forever forward, offering a lifetime of experiences and filling us with a yearning to see just what wonders the next stop holds.

On the other hand, the road in and of itself is a lonely place—a wilderness with no specific address. When you’re on the road, you’re not really anywhere. You’re only passing through with the hope of arriving in a place where you belong. You may feel “Down in the Valley” for a time, but still, that hope is enough to propel us forward, foot still on the gas, down the long and winding road that leads to Love’s door.

Musicians (like the one I’ve just quoted) have traveled the world’s roads for centuries, offering us a wealth of songs expressing each one of our wide-ranging emotions from loneliness to affection, homesickness to wanderlust. With this playlist, we hope to provide a soundtrack to your next trip out on the road. Whether you’re crossing the country via minivan with your family or driving alone in an 18-wheeler, may these songs encourage you on the journey and remind you of the glorious destination awaiting you.

Thanks to all who contributed to this Rabbit Room playlist: John Barber, Ron Block, Matt Conner, Randall Goodgame, Lanier Ivester, Jonny Jimison, Pete Peterson, Jill Phillips, Jonathan Rogers, Joe Sutphin, Janie Townsend, Jennifer Trafton, and Chris Yokel.


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