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Release Day: Death in Reverse

Jeremy Casella tends to be the Square Peg that lurks unnoticed in the background, so you’re forgiven if you aren’t a fan yet. But while he’s lurking back there, he’s making great music, and this new album has been a long time coming. Death in Reverse has been a hard journey for him and we can’t wait for you guys to hear it. Jeremy wrote a post about the record a while back, and here’s how he describes the record:

A few years ago I read N. T. Wright’s wonderful book Surprised By Hope and had my mind blown by all of the beautiful implications of Jesus’ resurrection from the dead. Being an artist and songwriter, I naturally started to wonder how I might explore ways to connect with the resurrection musically. I found myself day dreaming about writing an album full of songs that sounded like they were coming from the other side of renewal, but with lyrics tethered to the present. I wanted to explore the “already/not yet” tension of living with expectant hope in the midst of suffering. In addition to this, I wanted it all to sound like joy.

Here’s sneak peek at one of the tracks from the record. The whole album is now available in the Rabbit Room store (note that CDs aren’t in yet, but if you order now, we’ll ship them in two weeks when they arrive).

“Letter From An Old Friend” from Death in Reverse by Jeremy Casella

I wish I could find a way Back to where it all began For the future point of view Through the telescopic lens

Because I know in looking back Everything will change Flip the axle upside down In reverse and rearrange

I listen through the veil at night I listen till my soul believes The music in my mind’s eye I sing it through the in between I got a letter from an old friend Written in a harmony Take a heart of stone And make it bleed Make it beat

Tracing out your silhouette Up before the morning comes I packed my things and headed west For the trumpet and the drum I’ve got the image loud and clear I put the picture in the frame And everything I’ve left behind It’s luminescence fades away

Yet arise my soul, you’re not alone You’re not alone Yet arise my soul, you’re not alone Yet arise my soul, lift up your heart

You’re carried in a cloud by day Wrestle through the fire by night The Father fights for you Lift up your heart Be still


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