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RR Book Group: Just Mercy Week 4

In Week 4 of The Rabbit Reads Book Group, we’re wrapping up Bryan Stevenson’s Just Mercy. We’ve been having some great discussion about race, justice, reconciliation, and hope, and if you haven’t joined in, we’d love to have your voice in the conversation!

Looking ahead, we’re taking next week off for Hutchmoot, and returning on October 10th for final thoughts and reflection. Feel free to comment on this week’s questions, continue discussions of past questions, or catch up on reading over the next week or two.

“That they were giving an award named after a beloved prime minister who had been tragically murdered by a deranged man to someone who represented people on death row revealed a lot about their values.” (p. 251)

What values can you infer from this award? What values can you infer from our American institutions and practices? What are your values?

There’s a moment where Joe asks Bryan, “Who is your favorite cartoon character?” Who is your favorite?

Look again at Stevenson’s list of four institutions. (pp 299-301) Research one (or more) you feel unfamiliar with. (Perhaps also research one you do feel familiar with; does your understanding change or your attitude shift in this research?)

Why do we throw stones? What would it mean to be a stonecatcher in your own context or circumstances?

If you’re just joining us, you can catch up here:


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