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Signature Mugs and Inkwells

My good friend Eddy Efaw and I have teamed up to design some custom “signature” coffee mugs and inkwells with my mouse logo on them. Eddy is a talented woodcarver and ceramic artist, and is best known for his amazing Story Warren/Green Ember mugs.

Each Sutphin Signature Mug and Inkwell is totally unique, because they are hand thrown. My art has been applied as a print and fired onto the mug permanently. Each inkwell comes with a cork fitted into the opening.

As a word of advice to anyone hoping to purchase something, Eddy’s ceramics typically sell very fast, and we have had a great deal of interest on Instagram, so if you don’t happen to get what you were hoping for, stay tuned. We have plans in place to restock and to list some other designs as well.


—Joe and Eddy


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