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Sneak Preview: The New Year

If you haven’t yet read Matt Conner’s interview with Eric Peters’, you should; it’ll give you a deeper appreciation of how important this recording is to Eric. Eric puts his heart and soul and, more importantly, his pain into his music, and that’s what makes it such a rich experience for the rest of us. For months now, I’ve been lucky enough to hear snippets of Birds of Relocation coming out of Ben Shive’s studio (The Bee Hive) next door, and I can’t wait for the world to hear it. I think it’s Eric’s best work. Read the interview, get the full context of the song you’re about to hear, and then wait anxiously for March 27th when Birds of Relocation takes flight.

Here’s a first listen to one of the tracks. It’s still an early mix, but it’s already fantastic.

“The New Year” by Eric Peters from Birds of Relocation.


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