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Song of the Day: Jeremy Casella

Take a few minutes and listen to this pretty, sad, hopeful song by Jeremy Casella. It was hard to choose just one song from his newest album RCVRY, but I landed on this one because of the story it hints at. I’m intrigued by songs like this–songs that convey an emotion, paint pictures of a time and place, but don’t come right out and smack you in the face with their deeper story. Not only does it give you something to think about, it allows you to superimpose your own story into the song, and sometimes it helps you to feel less alone.

Listening to this record today reminded me all over again what a great piece of work it is, from start to finish (it’s available in the Rabbit Room store and on iTunes, not to mention Jeremy’s website.

BORN AGAIN Words and Music by Jeremy Casella

I never thought too much about it It didn’t seem like it should matter all those years ago It was buried under Florida sand And frozen under Pennsylvania snow I was fine to leave it all undone Until I looked in the eyes of my own son And everything was born again…

Promises get broken Still too young to know the difference Oh but time would tell What was lost in all those silent years Uncovered in some secret fear I’ve known Facing the past to understand My father’s voice, my mother’s hand And everything is born again…

What does it mean to give and live and lose and win Then end up dying to preserve a vow you made? Sometimes it helps to name what marks you most of all The things that shape your deepest places And I’m not taking sides I just think it’s sad that’s all That’s all


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