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Ten Lenten Sonnets from Andrew Peterson

Throughout Lent, Andrew has been sharing his Lenten Sonnets on the Rabbit Room Poetry Newsletter. We're publishing the final sonnet here and you can read the rest (and get every other poem we publish delivered to your inbox) on the poetry newsletter.

Happy Easter!

Lenten Sonnet | March 26, 2018

by Andrew Peterson

The neighbor’s sheep went missing days ago.

She had posted a message on the board

For the community: “Please help. I know

They’re nearby. Four sheep.” Offered a reward.

Then I looked out my back window and saw

All four on the hill. I called the neighbor

With the news. She squealed till her voice was raw,

And kept thanking me over and over.

A minute later I saw her sprinting

Out of the brush and up the hill, weeping,

Clapping, calling, chasing, unrelenting

In her love for what was in her keeping.

We live our lives and never really know

How loved we are, or how far love will go.


In addition to being the founder of the Rabbit Room, Andrew Peterson is a singer, songwriter, poet, and the author of the popular children’s series, The Wingfeather Saga.

This poem is part of a series of sonnets for Lent and Easter.


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