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The Bancroft Brothers Podcast

I have to admit, I usually tune out podcast recommendations—listening to people talk just puts me to sleep (my college classmates can attest to that). But I’m making an effort to learn to listen, because I spend a LOT of time at my drawing board, and my music just ain’t cuttin’ it.

The Bancroft Brothers podcast!

If you’re an animation geek like I am, you’ll love the interviews with animation legends (Andreas Deja! Glen Keane! Pete Docter!) and discussions on the history and future of animation (is 2D animation dead, or just sleeping?).

If you’re not, there’s still plenty to love here—insight, honesty, and encouragement on maintaining creative discipline and perseverance.

Check out their most popular podcast episode, “Failures, Flubs and Frustrations,” in which they discuss some of the most difficult experiences of their careers.

…and now it’s your turn. What podcasts do you recommend?

Anything is fair game, but if you share podcasts related to creativity or the arts, I’ll compile some of them into a future post.

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