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The Resistance, Episode 22: Sarah Siskind

Somehow Sarah Siskind has saved her best work for her own albums. That’s a difficult feat for a songwriter who has written for the likes of Alison Krauss, Wynonna, and Randy Travis. She’s toured with Bonnie and Bon Iver. With over 20 songs placed on the hit TV drama Nashville alone, she is a master craftswoman who has learned to navigate the commercial side without sacrificing substance.

Who you are isn’t where you’re from But where you’re from is always close And when you go digging in that dirt Get ready for what you fear the most —Sarah Siskind, “Carolina”

Despite her experience and success, Sarah’s latest album, Modern Appalachia, reveals an insecure artist opening herself—her wounds, her fears, her doubts—at very personal levels. From the opening track, “Me and Now,” she digs deep and admits the uncertainty that comes with solitude.

Only God completes me and he says to be still Why’s it so hard to try and see how that feels It’s just me and now, it’s just me and now —Sarah Siskind, “Me and Now”

Sarah’s openness as an artist is also what makes for such meaningful conversation. As a parent, she struggles to manage family and career. As an artist, she’s hungry for the time and space to create. On this side of divorce, she wrestles with being alone for the first time in her life.

Sarah’s willingness to share from these wells allow her to connect and offer hope in ways that few artists can.


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