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The Resistance, Episode 26: Brooke Waggoner

Discernment takes practice. It’s a lifelong process of listening and looking, sensing and sitting, taking risks and taking breaths. And our ability to perceive, in healthy ways, when to move and when to stay is the difference between being overcoming or being overcome by the Resistance.

Ever since her acclaimed debut, Heal for the Honey, released in 2008, Brooke Waggoner has been known for her substantive work. From her considerable work with Jack White to numerous TV/movie placements to playing ACL and Lollapalooza, Brooke has enough credits to move the meter, but it’s her imaginative, ambitious work that has moved listeners so deeply over the years.

Yet despite the success and the acclaim for yet another album, Sweven (2016), Brooke decided she needed a break. The industry’s demands could wait. Family was taking shape. Home was calling. The creative plates stopped spinning—at least those we were used to seeing.

This episode of the Resistance features an honest conversation with Brooke about the tension of when to stop and start, when to move forward and how to let go. There are no right answers, but there are meaningful questions asked.


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