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The Slugs & Bugs Christmas Choir

The Slugs & Bugs Christmas records are finally in stock, the CDs have been shipped, and most folks have received their pre-orders. This seems like a good time to say, once again, thank you. Decent and faithful people of the Rabbit Room, you collectively pre-ordered over 850 CDs and flat out donated another huge chunk toward the making of A Slugs & Bugs Christmas, and we’ve done the very best we could to make a record worthy of your trust. And If you do like it, and especially if you LOVE it, please tell the world over the next two or three days, since the market for Christmas music won’t last much longer.

One of the standout features of A Slugs & Bugs Christmas is the Slugs & Bugs Choir, singing their hearts out on 75% of the songs. The kids were amazing, but you don’t have to take my word for it. With footage from the Rabbit Room’s own Jonathan Rogers and The Proprietor himself, we compiled a short video clip of the choir at work.

Ladies and gentlemen, with my most sincere thanks, I give you the Slugs & Bugs Choir!

(click HERE to order your copy of  A Slugs and Bugs Christmas)


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