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The story of any one of us is in some measure the story of us all.”
   ~  Frederick Buechner

Rabbit Room 101

Andrew Peterson founded the Rabbit Room in 2006, after his first visit to the Oxford home of C. S. Lewis. From the start the Rabbit Room was shaped by authors and artists, some geniuses from the past and some sages in our times. Since then the Rabbit Room continues to discover storytellers, musicians, and artists of all kinds. The collection of influential artists found here provides you an introduction to the ethos of the Rabbit Room. It will give you a sense of the lineages we look to when creating and commissioning new works of art.


It is important to reiterate our commitment to discovery. This list is alive! There are many ways for you to engage the Rabbit Room and help us find new inspirations. We hope that you will.

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Tell me more about that amazing tree!

more about the tree...

Who were the Inklings?

Ever wished you could be in a literary discussion group with C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien? There was a time. Around the 1930s, Lewis and Tolkien and many other book lovers met with some frequency at The Eagle & Child, a pub near Oxford University. Over pipes and pints, they discussed narrative, philosophy, theology, and more. They read to each other drafts of stories they were crafting. They laughed and argued. They formed an inspiring bond of friendship and collegiality that influenced a century of art and scholarship.


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If you only had time to read 5 books...

That would not be enough time to really get to know the Rabbit Room. We could not possibly summarize all of the goodness and curiosity and fun and heartbreak and fellowship that infuses the Rabbit Room in just five books. But we’ve put ourselves in the bind, creating a heading for those who might be interested in a Rabbit Room crash course. Thus, the 5!

If you need a playlist for a road trip...

Playlist for roadtrip

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