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10 Reasons You Should Check Out Fiddler’s Green

Today marks the official release of A.S. Peterson’s (that’s Pete Peterson to you) new book, Fiddler’s Green, the follow up to his debut novel, The Fiddler’s Gun, published last year by Rabbit Room Press.

The Fiddler’s Gun was a labor of love birthed through the encouragement of family and friends and financed by patrons who partnered with Pete to make it happen. Part adventure, part love story, part historical fiction, it’s the tale of Fin Button: orphan, pirate, and revolutionary. Fiddler’s Green picks up where Gun left off and hits the ground running. The tale that unfolds is epic in scope, sweeping the reader not just to the far reaches of the world, but deep into the brokenness of Fin Button’s heart. I couldn’t put it down.

So I offer to you, on the day of its release, the top 10 reasons why you should check out Fiddler’s Green:

10. If you liked The Fiddler’s Gun, you’ll LOVE Fiddler’s Green. I couldn’t have hoped for a better conclusion to the redemptive story of Fin Button.

9. Being that it’s Fiddler’s GREEN, it is the perfect gift for environmentally conscious readers.

8. It has pirates AND knights. I mean, come on.

7. For all of its swashbuckling, it’s also a genuinely touching love story. I mean, come ON.

6. And it’s an historical novel, so you kind of get brownie points for reading something that might make you smarter. It might, in fact, make you want to say “an historical” instead of “a historical”.

5. Did I mention that it had pirates?

4. …and knights?

3. And because of passages like this:  (upon entering the Strait of Gibraltar . . .) “Though Fin couldn’t see it, she felt the closeness of land around her. From beyond the grey veil she could sense the oppressive weight of two great continents crowding down to the sea, each to kneel and contemplate the nearness of an ancient earthen brother.”

2. Because the sooner people buy this book, the sooner Pete can publish his next one (which, rumor has it, might be an epic western. And that is awesome).

And as I said in my official endorsement of the book (printed on the inside flap – which is like a bonus reason to get it), the number 1 reason to check out Fiddler’s Green: “The best of Peterson’s work in The Fiddler’s Gun is matched and tripled in his action-packed sequel, Fiddler’s Green. He proved himself an able writer of a worthy tale in Gun, but as I read Green, I felt like I was witness to the magical moment of a certifiable author being born. There were passages that took my breath away and brought tears to my eyes. Stunning prose, unforgettable characters, a rip-roaring page-turner of an adventure that I couldn’t put down. I thoroughly enjoyed this book! Now, tell us another story Mr. Peterson.”


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