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2014 Rabbit Room Pipes: “The Gruffman”

[Editor’s note: Brian Rowley handcrafted a set of Rabbit Room pipes for last year’s Hutchmoot, and we’re honored that he’s back again this year with more. What follows is a short message from Brian about this year’s set. They’ll be available at Hutchmoot for $295 each.]

It’s that time of year again. The shape has finally been decided upon and blocks have been selected for the 2nd annual Rabbit Room Pipe of the Year! Seven pipes have been crafted to be the same in size and shape, but completely unique in finish. Each has it’s own look and feel and character, so you can chose the one that speaks to you. And each is stamped with the Rabbit Room stamp solidifying their belonging to the set. Without further ado, I present:

The Gruffman So, you’re not the conversational type. Don’t let them hold it against you. There’s plenty of talk to go around, and even a fool is thought wise if he keeps silent. This is the pipe for you, the quiet one, the one who watches the others from the edge of the room. It doesn’t mind if you’re mulling over the latest commentary on Plutarch or simply enjoying the evening air. Quiet is quiet. This is a pipe that recognizes that one of the marks of good friendship is the capacity to sit together and say nothing at all. —Panegyrics by Adam Whipple

The Gruffman is my version of a classic Danish Rhodesian, which is a member of the Bulldog family. A Bulldog is known for it’s diamond shank and canted bowl, with rings separating the top and lower half. While the Bulldog typically has stark straight lines, the Rhodesian is a sleek curvy cousin, trading it’s straight diamond shank for smooth sloping curves. The wood used to create these particular pipes is Erica Arborea, which we know to be called Briar. The briar I use comes direct from Italy, from the best supplier in the world. The stems are each individually hand carved from German Ebonite and German Acrylic.

I am honored and excited once again be able to present the Rabbit Room community with these pipes.



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