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Just in time for Christmas, we’ve got a new batch of mugs in the store. Supplies are VERY limited (there are fewer than forty), so get ’em while they last. We’ve secured some special shipping boxes that we hope will prevent the breakage we’ve experienced in the past. Also be aware that our inventory system is imperfect at times, especially when multiple people are trying to buy a single item. If the mugs oversell, we apologize and will refund the unlucky late-comers as quickly as possible.

Our mugs are each unique, hand-crafted works thrown by the pottery-wheel wielding potters at Sunset Hill Stoneware. The current set includes the following:

“The Frederick” is a tall-swept 14oz mug that’s good to have along whether you’re whistling in the dark, telling secrets, setting out on a sacred journey, raking yellow leaves now and then, or just trying to speak what you feel.

“The Walt” is a hearty 16oz mug that sits nicely in the hand and promises a wealth of though-provoking sippage. Whether you’re mulling over matters of intense theological weight or strolling through the farmyard in search of a dun cow and all her mysteries, “The Walt” will serve you well.

“The MacDonald” is a bold, imposing 16oz. vessel fit for anyone who wishes they’d been born in Scotland (or a fairytale). Legend has it that this elegant mug was a favorite of Old Jack himself, and some say he never read or wrote a book without sipping from it.

“The Eliot” is not held captive either by time or in space, nor shall it be held unredeemable except as it approaches the still point, as it begins to appertain to the dance, and by the dance becomes one with time and without realness of space or being, as it spins wildly, heels up, then down, down upon the unremembered laughter, giving way to fire made perfect in the passage of time’s last momentous tyranny. Also, it holds coffee.


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