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A Message from the Proprietor

Greetings! It was a good year for the Rabbit Room, and I want to humbly invite you to make a tax-deductible year-end contribution so we can start 2018 with a bang. As a nonprofit ministry, we rely on the support of people like you to continue this good work.

  1. Have you been to Hutchmoot?

  2. Have you read Every Moment Holy or Henry and the Chalk Dragon?

  3. Have you heard one of the thirty or so songwriters at the Local Show, either in person or via the livestream?

  4. Did you watch Rabbit Room Live?

  5. Have you read one of our 2000 blog posts about art, faith, and community?

  6. Have you discovered new authors and illustrators and singer/songwriters in the Rabbit Room Store?

  7. Have you made new friends because of some “you, too?” moment made possible by the Rabbit Room?

If the answer to any of the above is yes, then it means we’re accomplishing our mission. You may not realize it, but each of those things happens because of a mountain of work, and that work is done by a very small staff. Those good people work very hard to keep the Rabbit Room true to its mission to foster spiritual formation and Christ-centered community through story, art, and music.

But as much as we have going on, there are even more things we feel called to, like hosting symposiums and writer’s groups, broadening the Rabbit Room beyond Nashville, publishing more true and beautiful books, hiring more staff, and even finding a physical space to house events. We’re excited to discover what else God has in mind for the Rabbit Room, and whatever it is, we know we can’t accomplish it alone. We need your help.

God is a storyteller. He filled the world with beauty, and calls us to do the same. We believe that stories matter, songs are vessels of grace, art proclaims the glory of God, and that Christian community is a bulwark against the darkness. I hope you’ll consider a contribution, no matter how small, to furthering this ministry, whether through becoming a bonafide member of the Rabbit Room or by a one-time tax-deductible donation.

Andrew Peterson The Proprietor


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