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A Note from N. D. Wilson

Never in all my days have I released two novels so close together as Outlaws of Time: The Song of Glory and Ghost (4/18) and The Door Before (6/27). And in between the two, I even managed to squeeze in a brain surgery and a (partial) recovery! It’s been a busy spring.

So I am writing you now for two main reasons. First, to thank you all for your support. And second, to ask for even more! But I don’t want to be ungrateful, so here are a few things that I intend to do for you…

• While I originally intended to begin charging for my School of Fantastical Wordcraft videos, I have decided to keep them open to all previous members indefinitely. And anyone who missed out the last time around is free to join by emailing in a receipt for SOGAG or TDB… Closes July 25th!

• I am printing 20 t-shirts with absolutely rad Ashtown Burials insignia on them and will be giving them all away in a drawing. To enter, email a picture of all the NDW novels in your house to Or tweet the pic with the hashtag #NDdrawing. You will receive an entry for every novel you own. And…10 entries for every copy of The Door Before. Closes July 25th!

• All those with copies of

The Door Before in their pics will also be entered in a drawing for a personalized hardcover collection of all 11 of my novels and a grand prize of a 1st American edition of C. S. Lewis’ The Great Divorce!

So how’s that for a party? School of Fantastical Wordcraft remains open and let the giveaways begin! Remember, the drawings close on July 25th, so don’t hesitate to get your entry in. Thank you for supporting Outlaws and The Door Before!

[Outlaws of Time #2: The Song of Glory and Ghost and The Door Before are available in the Rabbit Room Store.]


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