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An Interview with Jeffrey Overstreet

Jeffrey Overstreet’s is one of about four blogs I check out regularly. He writes reviews for several publications, including Image: A Journal of Arts and Religion, which is heady and artsy and cool. And those three words describe my impression of Jeffrey pretty well. He tends to laud fringe artists and films and books; most films he recommends are obscure and are only possible to enjoy at home if you have no small children to interrupt you. I say all that to say that he thinks deeper about the art he experiences than pretty much anyone I know. So when he opines, I pay attention. And when he writes his third fantasy novel, I’m happy to blurb it. So I did.

(I should also mention that the nerdy eighth-grader who lives in my inner basement geeked out over this cover. When I was a kid I probably struck that exact pose in my bathroom with a plunger a hundred times. Well done, Waterbrook design team.)

Jenni Simmons, who pokes her head in the Rabbit Room on a regular basis, is an excellent writer for a site called the Curator. She recently interviewed Jeffrey about his new book Raven’s Ladder, which released Tuesday. He had great things to say. I hope you’ll check out his stories, and his blog, and his heady/artsy/cool goatee.


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